What To Wear At Budapest Thermal Baths?

When visiting Budapest thermal baths, it's important to know what to wear at Budapest Thermal Baths. The typical dress code for Budapest thermal baths requires swimsuits or bikinis for women and swim trunks or shorts for men in all pools, saunas, and steam rooms. Cover-ups or bathrobes can be worn outside of the pools.

It's recommended to wear flip flops or water shoes for walking around the baths. While some thermal baths may allow wetsuits or rash guards, others may not, and it's best to check the specific dress code of the thermal bath you plan to visit before arriving. 

Additionally, some thermal baths may have restrictions on swimwear, such as prohibiting thong bikinis or speedos. Visitors should also avoid wearing jewelry or accessories in the thermal baths, and it's best to bring your own towels and robes or check the policies of the thermal bath regarding these items. By following the appropriate dress code, you can fully enjoy your visit to Budapest thermal baths.

For Women
For Women

The thermal Baths dress code for women must be considered while making travel arrangements to Budapest. Women are respectfully requested to dress appropriately for the water, with a bikini at the very least. But you can also wear a sporty tankini (swimsuit style) or a one-piece ladies swimsuit if you'd like extra covering or want to swim several laps in the outdoor pool.

It's crucial to note that the Szechenyi thermal Baths regrettably do not accept swimming attire that covers the entire body, such as burkinis or surfing suits, due to government health restrictions that the baths must adhere to. When packing for their trip, travellers should keep this in mind.

Please abide by the dress code requirements for either men or women, depending on your option, if you identify as non-binary. This makes sure that everyone can take advantage of the baths in comfort and with consideration for the local customs and manners.

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For Men
For Men

It is politely requested that men who visit Budapest's Baths dress in standard western bathing attire, such as trunks or shorts. Speedo-style swimwear is the absolute minimum, but sporty swim trunks or shorts are also appropriate. Although it's common to see males at the Baths with hairy chests and backs, guests can feel free to wear whatever swimsuit they feel most comfortable in.

Every day, approximately 2000 visitors from all over the world come to the 17 pools, thus it's crucial to observe the local customs and etiquette. However, at Szechenyi Baths, visitors shouldn't worry about how they seem in swimwear because human skin comes in all shapes and sizes.

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For Children
For Children

Children over the age of 14 are permitted to enter the thermal baths in Budapest. As for the dress code, the same rules apply to children as they do to adults. Boys are expected to wear traditional western swimwear, such as swim trunks or shorts, while girls are expected to wear decent swimwear such as a bikini or one-piece swimsuit.

It is important to note that full-body swimsuits such as burkinis or surfing suits are not accepted due to government health regulations that the baths must adhere to. Additionally, children are not exempt from the mandatory swim cap rule in the swimming pool.

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Tips To Dress For Budapest Thermal Bath

Budapest is known for its beautiful thermal baths, which attract tourists from all over the world. When visiting the thermal baths, it's important to dress appropriately for comfort, hygiene, and respect for the local culture. Here are some tips for dressing for Budapest thermal baths:

  • Bring a towel: It's important to bring a towel with you to the thermal baths. You can use it to dry off after getting out of the water or to sit on if you want to relax on one of the lounge chairs.
  • Wear flip-flops: Wearing flip-flops or sandals is a good idea to protect your feet from the ground. The ground around the pools can get slippery and wet, so it's essential to have proper footwear.
  • Cover up: In between dips in the pool, you may want to cover up with a robe or a towel. It's a good idea to bring a cover-up that you can easily slip on and off.
  • Bring a waterproof bag: It's a good idea to bring a waterproof bag to store your valuables while you're in the water. This will ensure that your items stay dry and safe.
  • Avoid Wearing Jewelry: It's best to avoid wearing any jewelry as the chemicals in the thermal water can cause damage to them.
  • Wear a hat: Wearing a hat is not only a fashionable accessory, but it can also provide some protection from the sun when you're lounging outside. A wide-brimmed hat can help shield your face, neck, and shoulders from harmful UV rays.

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FAQs About The Dress Code

Can I wear regular clothes at the thermal baths?

    No, regular clothes are not allowed in the thermal baths. You must wear appropriate swimwear in the pools, saunas, and steam rooms. Cover-ups or bathrobes can be worn outside of the pools.

Can I wear a wetsuit or rash guard at the thermal baths?

Do I need to wear a swim cap at the thermal baths?

Are there any restrictions on swimwear at the thermal baths?

Can I wear jewellery or accessories in the thermal baths?

Can I bring my own towels and robes to the thermal baths?

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